Did I Ever Tell You?

Sometimes I imagine God is this really smooth laid back man

with coal black hair and just a few greys above the ears and

dipping a little into his beard

He is the realest, the coolest, calmest, most flawless image of


and even though he’s not male or female

it’s this calm and soothing quality that makes me understand

why early man called Him, He and not She

Cause he reminds me of this tall, solid man with wide hands

slightly roughened after years of putting in work…

yall know we hard headed

He stretches and cracks his knuckles, you know the thunder booms?

well that’s what I imagine them to be

And His smile… did I ever tell you about his smile?

When he smiles the glow flip flops over itself in sparkling light

and the whole atmosphere breathes a sigh of relief

I like when He’s happy like that

cause it means I’m on the right track…

(to be continued)

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