A Thank You to the Obstacles and Struggles

Face to face with an obstacle or a struggle, the words “thank you” might never come to mind. We see them as barriers, which they are, and the anger, the pain, the “piss-tivity” that they create is not going to make us think of “thank you.”

(side note: “piss-tivity” is a word a comedic poet created and I loved the word)

But have you overcome a struggle or obstacle in the past? Did you face training for a sport? Did you face a challenge at learning a new skill or lesson in school or work?

AFTER YOU ACCOMPLISHED IT, did you notice what I call the “elevation?” In the aftermath, what was elevated about you physically, mentally and/or spiritually?

YOU GAINED something that you would not have otherwise.

I remember going through basketball and track conditioning and throughout that time I was ready to scream, sometimes I wanted to quit, but quitting would have meant losing the progress I had made, and I’m glad that I kept going because in the end, the strength and ability of my body were amplified.

I also remember several times when financial or work or PEOPLE related issues came up, and how often these things drain our energy and emotions down. Of course it’s all perspective they say and in another post I’ll explain how to change your perspective, BUT FOR NOW, let’s look at that drained feeling we get when faced with these more personal struggles.

IF YOU OVERCOME them, on the other side of it, looking back, you should ask yourself what you learned, what you gained, what do you know how to do now that you did not before, OR what can you do better now?

You see the thing about life is… Challenges and struggles are NATURAL, and so is CHANGE. Accept that. When we face a struggle, if we know and really understand how it’s a natural part of life, we can get through them faster and with less of a drain on ourselves and others.

So after you’ve made it through, you’ll have reason to say “thank you” to who ever or what ever made your progress more difficult.

Focus on that part of it as much as you can. Focus on what the result of the effort you put in will be. and in the meantime, check out this video to get started on that process.



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