Why doesn’t the training transcend in the reverse direction?

This entry is mostly rhetorical, so no need to answer. I’m just presenting some OBVIOUS discrepancies in application of force.

According to the article at this link, the police in regular uniforms were ordered to remain in position and NOT pursue the assailant in the mass shooting in Orlando. And that makes sense. It’s the same as when you are ordered to put on your own air mask before assisting the next person. Or to call for assistance before trying to save someone who fell into a well when you don’t have the proper equipment to get them out safely without endangering yourself and making their situation even worse.

So here’s the thing…

Why do some officers fail to apply the same logic when approaching NON-VIOLENT and UNARMED civilians with brown skin? (and sometimes with lighter shades as well)

Why did an officer not apply this logic when responding to a call about a pool party in McKinney, TX?

Why did an officer open fire on John Crawford who had a TOY GUN in a Wal-Mart?

If police are able to respond in a way that protects their lives and doesnt’ endanger others further, WHY DO SOME NOT APPLY THIS WHEN THE SITUATION IS REVERSED?



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