If Only You Were (version 2)

If only you were here I would speak to you with only my fingertips

write love letters across your skin

memorize your design so I can read you

and then breathe you inside this kiss…


If only you were more than a day dream

I could float into your embrace

and remember our first touch cause it would always be the same as this.

just as intense as the first time you would ever dance that dance with me

the way lovers do… i wanna open up my doors only for you…


If only you were mine… and If only i was yours

you would feel this like warm honey dew drops on your fingertips

cause this love… real love is… just that sweet…

i wanna be that reason you feel complete… the reason your knees get weak

let me be that soft kiss against your cheek before you drift … off… to sleep…


so im giving up being discreet… cause look where it’s gotten us tonight

we laying on opposite ends of some distance…

and im writing if onlies… into this regretful love poem..


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