You Know Gender Equality Includes Traditional Genders Too

Is it just me or does it seem that in the pursuit of gender freedom, those who choose to express what’s considered “traditional” gender roles aren’t allowed to express their preference with the same passion as those who choose alternate gender expression?

Recently, I’ve expressed my love for masculine men and what’s considered typical masculine behavior in men. It’s incredibly sexy to me. I’ve expressed that I prefer that type of man.

While I respect any one’s choice to be less or more of that as they choose, I have a preference for how I prefer masculinity to be portrayed.

Some of the “gender freedom” community have taken that to mean I don’t respect other gender choices.

No. I respect all gender choices, and all opinions on gender choices. That means I accept a man who chooses to dress and carry himself more feminine, just as much as I accept a man’s right to be fully masculine, or to express himself any where in between.

But here’s the thing about RESPECTING choices and opinions, I GET TO HAVE MY OWN TOO. Everyone does. So when I say I prefer masculinity in a more traditional sense, that’s my right just the same as it is someone else’s right to disagree with me.

I wrote a blog called “Defend your son’s right to be masculine.” MOST PARENTS APPROVED of the message, because many have experienced frustration when their son is told to stop running or stop jumping or the more painful issues: when boys are told that playing rough and getting dirty are degenerate and barbaric by some, when boys are told that men are attackers and abusers and all other derogatory assaults at manhood.

The point is: Being a man means being a protector and a supporter, being permitted to get dirty and work hard, being permitted to be quiet and reserved if he chooses to be, and for the world to ACCEPT that boy or man’s RIGHT to EXPRESS their gender as they choose.

MEN DO NOT NEED TO ALTER THEIR GENDER FORMATIONS TO SUIT THIS CURRENT POLITICAL CLIMATE. This is not a requirement in the effort to gain acceptance for homosexual and transgender people. In our pursuits of equality, we must not impede on the rights of those who choose other “expressions,” and that includes “traditional” ones as well.


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