The Sides of a Woman

The bitch in me wants to say one thing “Fuck You”

that is if you got a problem with the fact that women technically have multiple personality disorder

Cause I’m just as much Jezebel as I am Esther and

I’m just as much that freak as I am that bitch

I’m mother, lover, real go-getter, the chef in the kitchen, the teacher of future generations

and I’m that one that makes you weak in your knees

Call me Mrs. Sexy Diva First Lady Sweet Soft Princess Packing a Punch Ali would envy

cause I am … woman.

Tip toeing like a ballerina so I don’t break the peace you need tonight cause

you had a long day

I’m staring the enemy down til they crack for ever daring to put a hand to our child’s back

cause I”m that soldier, your ally, send up the smoke signals anytime you need me and I’ll come running


for who ever dares to come at any thing we Love

cause I am .. your woman…

that bitch in me got another thing to say… I dont give a flying flip of a fuck

if you got a problem with my attitude

Wait… now how can a spiritual God loving individual like me use a phrase like flying

Flip of a fuck… cause im not using it to attack…

Im using it to educate and if my God aint got a problem with it… neither should you

Now back to the message I said…

I don’t give a flying flip of a fuck

cause the only ones I support or

my dude, my child, my family, and friends who stand true

like Joshua and the masses at Jericho

and if you didn’t know… well now you know…

im the mother lover real go-getter the chef in the kitchen the freak in the sheets…

i’m that everything… that thing that makes even the baddest soldier sing

I am … woman

(originally written in Fall 2012)


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