Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams are made of these wishes

For excruciating pain to end within

I’m addicted to my poetic pain killers

And ur the witness to my demise

An accessory to the crime

I take a hit every time I pick up a pen

And shoot up every step I take to the mic

Sweet dreams of heaven in between the lines

Seeing a vision of something sweeter

For the child in me that is crying in the corner

She loved me as much as hated me

Caught in between her natural notion to protect and nurture

And this bitter spirit of pain cause I was a mark on her record

I’m having sweet dreams in between the emotional nightmare

We are all gift boxes slid inside of each other to create the mass of who we are at present

And the contents are never released

Just packaged and tied tight with a ribbon

Til placed inside of the next stage

Child, Teen, 20, 25, 28, 30… and moving on til the end

The unwanted children are usually the ones most blessed with courage

Cause we have fought just for the right to enter existence

Battling the anger of the unwilling recipients we call parents

So I’m having sweet dreams that I might strip away the layers

And come undone

Remove the confusion she planted in my heart’s land

Can you tell me how? Or maybe this will forever be

Nothing more than a sweet dream


(originally written December 22, 2012)


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