Silent Sky

(written during Acadiana WordLab Nov 3 2012 – the challenge was to bring life to place by describing it in a poem. This session was led by Dr. Marthe Reed)


Silent sky

golden like desert sand

Rows of cotton like fingers on a broken hand

This land fed by veins of reddened waters

And I wonder if the the dove cries

are calling me to remember

beneath my feet once stood slave quarters

the home of some lonely child

staring into the golden sky

I wonder if he found escape inside this expanse

the same as I

So I sit in peace

and I hear him sing

as I close my eyes

we spread our wings

into the Silent Sky


Toes inside the clay

the sinking mud usually means you must stop

but something begs for discovery

beyond this border

“The answer,” it says, “is not in the sky above

but inside the heart of this land

lies love,

pounding like drums and feet on wooden porches.”

Inside the madness of dried branches

lies a home

where he once laid his head

and inside the window

is a forest of cobwebs

but this child is wavinig and says

“this is home for me.

This space.

This place.

It is the bed of memories.”


The dove says we should fly

cause nothing is more free

than the stars in the sky

But the land begs me not to forget

It fed me and held me

when I needed rest

It grew the scattered seeds

across hundreds of years

Deep inside the trees

the darkness no longer frightens me

The mysteries they hold are calling

to be found

Inside this place where the sky meets the ground

I hear him singing

“Come and see.”

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