Love is a Battlefield … Why?

Old school poet Lily talking about

All’s fair in love and war

and today Avant singing about

if we really want this thing to work

then we gotta go to war

cause truthfully Love is a Battlefield

… Really??

we’re like soldiers enlisting any time we put our heart on the line

Dating is the recruitment phase without the bootcamp

phase so we never get a taste of the reality

so it’s like we jump straight into this tactical warfare situation

without even realizing

Missions are mostly positive cooperation

involving self expression and mostly laughter and love

passions exploding all over,

up and down,

inside and out

cause this is a 24/7 no holds barred type of connection ….


but when that love gets real imbedded

it’s a foreign occupation … he moving in and she moving in

beyond the borders

infiltrating the main data bases

complete open access to all sensitive data

No need for hacking or spy activiities cause we inviting this invasion

to enter…

next thing to happen

is  someone starts to doubting… and fearing…

and the former ally that was your “ride or die”

turns into the current spy

some operatives get involved in secret late night meetings

with other parties discussion trade agreements

and implementing embargoes on the affection

the other was used to getting

but mostly they don’t step out with some others

they just start withdrawing

and not quite treating the other the same way as before

cause one says “game gonna recognize game”

Now take a look at me, and take a look at you

and tell me why these kinda bullshit mistakes aint already over and through

cause we seeing each other from the start as liabilities

instead of seeing that a connection could be more like fantasies

if we choose the union over the confusion

now we suffering from PTSD, shell shocked hearts done been

rattled to the core

til our soul’s crying out “Please God No More!!!”

Now we done sent love away so it’s M.I.A

and you and me, we’re deprived and beaten POW’s

but only thing holding us captive is ourselves…


Refusing the blessing of our greatest need being met

all because we think it’s gotta be

immediate satisfaction and 100% guarantee

and if we can’t have peace at every turn

then we gotta let it burn

I’m sick of this blaming the other for our own lack of connection

we fearing and letting outsiders cause confusion

the ally is the one you’re choosing to pay attention to

so in the end, if you’re love turned to deciet and division,

it was you who chose to make love to the fear

instead of loving the one who was right the fuck here..

(originally written in 2013)


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