I don’t like being told what to do but I do like being guided.

I don’t call often but when I do talk to you, you have my full and undivided attention.

I’m far better in person cause I thrive on feeling your vibe

I wanna connect so I can feel the chills of seduction slide over your skin and

hear the way your breath changes depending on how and where I’m touching

I wanna read your spirit speaking when we sharing some stories or explaining our perception

I wanna touch your hair and kiss the back of your neck while some movie or music plays

the soundtrack of waves kissing the beach imitating the way my lips glide over your shoulder


I disappear though you can still see me sitting right here

creativity kidnaps me sometimes and I don’t want you to feel some type of way

I will accept you as you are

I only expect you to do the same for me


I prefer your time and touch over expensive things

I love when you taking me to some place you know I’ll love

and when you rescue my shoulder with your soothing finger tips

much more than hearing “love yous”

Loving me is best communicated in these ways


I listen to music for hours like Robert Glasper and Miles and Sam Cooke or

Kendrick, Gambino, Jean Grae and Tech N9ne

Maybe some Neyo, Usher, Luke and Ro James

Alicia and Nneka, Jordin Sparks, Lion babe and many more


I LOVE to cook and try new recipes so be prepared to sample

my food as much as my love


My life tends to be busy, but at the point where we share the same living space

you’ll see how much easily the time together can be

Distance can be a curse OR  a blessing

it’s all about how we choose to develop our connection




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