You Got A Lot When the Drama is Hot

Ya ever heard the phrase, “If it ain’t one thing, it’s another.” It sure seems that way at times. Things in your life start to flow real smooth, and even some amazing advancements to your path. And out of nowhere, comes a blind side crash to your driver side door, and you’re shook.

The blind sided attacks come in various forms. Some of them are unexpected expenses, like car repair, medical issues, etc. Some are health related and are not only an emotional toll on you, but can affect your employment.

These two types of attacks are a typical part of life and no amount of preparation can prevent them. However, an average savings account can get you through the financial challenges. Having a few supportive people in your circle that you are equally helpful for, can help with health related concerns.

But what about the THIRD TYPE of blind side? These are the ones when certain people throw their personal issues on to you, or they come at you with some sort of drama. They don’t see it that way of course. To them, it’s totally necessary and you’re simply over-reacting to what they see as a necessary issue to face.

Some people say avoid such “toxic people” but you can’t all the time. Because sometimes, these are people you are tied to in ways that you can’t avoid. You have to interact with them and deal with them because of work or family connections.

Since avoiding them is impossible, and you can’t use money to deal with their drama, what do you do?

This is something I struggle with. I don’t like feeling vulnerable to outside madness. I don;t like people thinking they can dump frustration on me.  It irritates me beyond belief. So I typically try to maintain independence by covering what I need, and having the permission to NOT participate in the madness.

Which is why when I’ve gone through past financial struggles, I was beyond uncomfortable. Needing help from others seems to be the way that you open yourself up to being “controlled by the person assisting you.

But to be honest, even if you don’t “need” something, certain people will try to bring drama. Maybe it’s a power trip. They want to see if they can “affect” you. Maybe it’s an ego thing, to feel like they’re important or some other adjective that they wish to be.

Back to the central question: What do you do?

Maintain your peace?

Focus on your life? Your positive?

Repeat to yourself all the things you’re doing right?

List the things that matter?

Speak to those who support you?

You’ve been walking alone so long Are you getting weaker or stronger? You’ve been here before. You might have to deal with it again. But love, remember, it’s okay to be affected sometimes. It’s the actions you take, that determine how long you stay that way.

Live open. Smile. Don’t let the drama prevent your moments of joy.

Even though in the midst of it all, you feel drained sometimes, or maybe you feel frustrated, getting back to what you love to do, is the best way to handle it all.

What’s that thing you really love or like or want to do?

Do it.

No matter how you feel right now. Just do it.

You’ll get your step back right and get moving strong.

For now this is all I got, but maybe what I got is a lot.

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