On Latinos Thinkin’ They White…


Trisa, Like Lisa

An Non-Hispanic, High Yella Black Woman’s Response to the Claim that Latinos Now Think They Are White.

I’m going to start by saying…. This is an emotional response.

This is an emotional, anecdotal response, based purely on personal experience. It is not grounded in any scientific qualitative or quantitative research. It is 100% emotional. This is an emotional diatribe in response to a collection of articles originally published in the New York Times that claim that Latinos think they are white[i]. The first article claims that in 2000 a bunch of Latinos identified as Hispanic and Some Other Race, but in 2010 changed their choice to Hispanic and White. A follow up article by the same author then points out that the wording of the question changed in such a way to force Latino people to pick a race, but not before it spurred this massive convo about…

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