Easy Like a Sunday

if ever there was a time for freedom.

That time is now. F*** all the restrictions.

We were never created for limitations.

we’re made of a belief and a vision.

Tiptoeing under cover if necessary

but never stop the loving cause

loving, dancing, dreaming, living…

its all about the movement…

hesitation is for dangerous things

and none of these is gonna hurt..

just give in,,,

fly over their heads and attempts to drag u down..

that fear is just a crutch so break the habit…

lets run when we choose and daance and sing

til our voices run out ..

then rest and do it all again



Lets walk at midnight and cover our sounds with love…

lets pretend that we are children again…

and just BE…

lets see this world like a playground

and remember that living is freedom



Breaking mountains is not the point…

its the climbinng to the top to get a clearer picture …

and who needs bridges to cross rivers

when we can dive in and find our way across..




so instead of ducking off inside 4 walls

maybe we should remember what it feels like to give in to a dream…

so if ur willing to hold my hand

lets see the rain for the sensation its meant to be..

no umbrella to block it out.. its all in our perception…

this writing is somewhat random,

but theres one simple connection..


(originally written May 29, 2013)

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