My Father’s Eyes

My father’s eyes stare back at me

every morning

and before bed at night

Wishing it could be cause he’s always right here

Never knew mirrors could be teleporters

sending these disembodied parts of him

I see his soul clinging on to me in ways that DNA alone never could

Salem, Salam, a piece of my peace never placed his arms around me

but this gaze into camera reminds me

of how far my roots have traveled to bring me here

My father’s eyes are never far from me though he

has never looked directly in to mine

Never saw the unending question


Never had to sit chained facing the sting of silence as the only answer

This is the story of the seeds the wind carries deep into foreign lands

My father’s eyes

and when I raise eyebrows I am carrying some part of his personality and

I will never understand

how the genetics of the soul break physical scientific interpretations

I carry my father’s stride, his blood, and forever more the light inside of these eyes

But I still look into the reflection and hope to see something that ends the sting from

the why


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