We Are Meant to Go Beyond Love

what if i never tell you how love isn’t the right match to reflect the genuine desire my soul would fight for to see you find joy in this life and the next and all the others thereafter

connections aren’t instantly developed, but yes instantly detected,

it’s the reason we react

Like wonderers lost in ocean or deep space with radar sweeping for days, months and years across the vacant expanse of the seas that surround

then locating that signal kiss like warm honey to the core of my energy

your peaks match my valleys and we flow like warm and cool currents dancing

we make balance

so what they call infatuation is signal recognition

that signal we often aren’t aware that we are seeking til it slides into view

But it’s our choices that decide if we connect to the origin of that vibration,

and unite, and build something powerful like


this is far more than love we need

our souls long for purity that patiently learns the movements and turns and rhtyhms and we find that connection far more stronger than what some call love

it’s … there is no word in physical existence to define

we, us, spirits are the only part of us that understand

so let it be

let it be what its going to be

beyond your current level of understanding.

you don’t need to define it

just let it be the journey of life and time and space beyond the limits of dimensions we place in our effort to understand our environment

these measurements distract from what our physical is incapable of perceiving

I promise that as disoriented as this poem is making you feel

if you just breathe and let the spirit lead … one day…

you’ll understnd


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