Safari Break Down and Up

went through a journey
your love’s a safari
deep and twisted
can’t see the stars
trapped inside canopy
wanna climb escape
sewing wings into skin
these ruby red tears
stripping away clarity
stinging ringing
I’m losing my hearing
vision tinted pink
not fantasy kind
blood tears blinding
Your love was binding me
deep and twisted
the struggle tore me to core
refined til the oxygen rejuvenation
I’m in these clouds now like
soldier surviving drills on land
I’m the pilot flying transformed
what was so necessary then
is just a place I’ve once been
My vision clear
recognition of what’s real
happening in seconds now
no questioning
the energy speaks to the center of me
that’s what heartbreak teaches you
You’re never lost inside the pain
just let it flow baby … soon enough you’ll know how to speak Love


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