Don’t Waste My Time

Time is the ONE commodity I value most (for obvious reasons)

If you receive my time, I’m giving you something that means the most to me.

I’ve lost people … in VERY unexpected ways over the years. Some due to VIOLENCE yes murder, some to accidents, others to deaths that may have just come too soon.

I’ve almost died and came back stronger.

I’m a fighter, a soldier who sees that we have no idea how much time we have. And if this moment were my last, and I chose to spend it with you, DAMN do you understand what that means?

That’s why I don’t spend my time frivolously on random people or wasteful pointless actions. I choose genuine in all things.

That’s how precious my time is and it’s the reason I don’t waste it on BS. or BS halfass type of people.

It’s also the reason I treat and value people in my life. I see you as worthy. Cause in this life, we are made of the connections and moments we share and grow from.
Whether we are cutting up, having drinks, having a heated debate, making music, or just sitting in silence with the winds and passing cars the only sounds we hear… THAT is what means the world to me
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