The Mind is Dumb

In a recent conversation, a friend and I said “the body and the spirit seek what’s healthy for them by instinct. The mind is stupid. It is willing to put aside what is needed for the body and spirit to be healthy in pursuit of goals or expectations

#1 When we let goals get in the way of happiness

Nothing is wrong with having goals. But there is something wrong when you avoid the things your spirit and body need to recharge for the pursuit of the minds ambitions.
The mind doesn’t worry about bio or spirit health. it has “one track”

#2 When we let learned fear get in the way of happiness 

The mind is trained to react to stimuli (light, food, attractive mates, etc) We learn to react based on our past experiences. So when we think we see the same thing, we react the same way we did in the past.

Only problem with that is, our fear is a swift reflex that tends to OVER-REACT. So if we had our heart broken by someone who did actions A, B, and C, if a future lover does B only, we are going to react with the same amount of fear we had in the past.

Also, we are more likely to misunderstand a situation based on fear. When someone has a bad day, or is stressed, and they are distant, we might think they are losing interest or perhaps seeing someone else.

So we react harshly in response.

The ANSWER to this is PATIENCE.

Don’t react right away. Show compassion and ask DIRECTLY what’s bothering them. Then be supportive. If they are doing something wrong, you’ll knpw soon enough. But at least if they were only going through soemthing and needed some love, you’ll end up with an even stronger connection as a result.

NOTE: As I think of more ways that the mind is dumb, I’ll add them and share.

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