Be Weird, Thyself – NaPoWriMo 5 of 30

Know thyself

Love thyself

Express thyself

And your cycle of spiritual elevation

Know thy awesome in all its strange combination of traits

Love thyself in times of fear and courage, victory and mistakes

Know that your mistakes are not always “wrong”

Especially as long as you learn and move on

Most times these are bumps or missed opportunities or times you weren’t yet prepared for what you faced

But most of the time not definitively a mistake

Express thy knowledge and love with the power of one who recognizes their beauty and WORTH within

Know that you are both the end and beginning of some portion of the story

but that the story of humanity is unending and you are a part of this eternal tapestry

Be proud of your space within this great masterpiece

and remember to repeat this:


I know myself.

I love what I know about myself,

and I will express what I know and love about myself

and about you and about the reason God created Life.


Know thyself.

Love thyself.

Express thyself.

Be weird.

Nothing is normal or expected under the Sun.

You are a great work of art.

Be weirdly thyself.


Remember, “weird” is not a bad word unless you allow it to be. When people say someone is “weird” I say “awesome, they must be truly unique and exactly the way God designed them to be instead of being something humanity tried to make them become.”

Be weirdly thyself.



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