Diary of a Curvy Girl – The sit up struggles – Episode 3

See girl. See girl with no butt. See girl with no butt do sit-ups with no problem.

Hey I’m well aware people with all sizes of butts have done sit-ups before and often. I’ve done them too, but I can’t be the only curvy girl whose backside is real uncomfortable trying to do a sit-up.

You ever tried making a basketball go flat without taking the air out? That’s what it feels like to do sit-ups. The arch in a curvy girl’s back that men love is hell on us when we try to do a sit-up laying down.

But I really want to do ab workouts!

So since I’m not one to whine and complain, I did a quick search for the best STANDING AB WORKOUTS, and found this great article from Shape.com. Not only do the workouts focus on the abs, but they also give a workout to legs and arms (especially if you add small weights like 3 or 5 pounds.)

So curvy girls and lovers of curvy girls, check this link out:



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