A dream of Nubian

originally written 3/19/2016 a day after Tee’s death. That night I had a dream and this is what I wrote so I wouldn’t forget it.

Had a dream about Tee last night. There was a house in the process of being built and in the middle of a huge gathering of people who were there to be a part of it, a tragedy happened. A part of the roof had collapsed and someone was taken, but in my dream, it wasn’t her. She was so upset that she left the house as it was, undone. At the end of the dream WE were working on the house and during the progress, We invited her to come to an event in honor of the house she started … she walked in excited and cried happy tears… she went on to a stage and the room was quiet and she performed a short poem for everyone .. Next, she got off the stage and said “This is good.”
… I woke up hoping the information would have changed…maybe it was a mistake and maybe she was really still here with us ready to keep the work going… I just don’t want to forget this dream now cause honestly, it is ON US now to do her the honor … It still doesn’t feel real


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