You Make Me Feel … Diaphonous

originally written Aug 9 2010

Everytime you look at me… well I feel diaphonous…
yea that’s a word…
see when I was writing this I had to consult a dictionary
because no words in my memory could quite describe the vibe existing between us
yes diaphonous… like whispers of cloud hanging temporaritly
in the air til they are cast down as rain fall onto your sweet face
and I watch the illumination like glitter tracing the curve of your lips
and I just want to give you a soft velvety kiss…

but i’m too damn scared to make a step in your direction…
just reading these lines is g g g g getting me tongue tied…
see i’m usually so damn confident but something in your complexion
like silk makes me trip over words and… woooo… yea that’s a sigh…
not an exhale…cause exhaling would indicate you’ve acknowledged the wish
that lingers inside… my wish I dare not speak
because … hell yea i’m too weak.

Youre making me hight like condensed H2O…
I keep stammering out your name and you got me twisted
like Keith Sweat from years ago…
And I’m wishing I would dare to lean forward and steal a kiss
from you…

Too shy to make a move… i’m not too fly to admit I’m scared
don’t think id even try if i was double dared…
see i i i i i i i’m gonna blame it on the al al al alcohol
and turn away…. cause i have to stall

can i risk my pride? I think not…
so i’ll be chilling over here in my favorite spot
rocking to the beat playing over our heads
and daydream about us playing in bed.


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