Have you ever looked into a pair of younger eyes

and see a reflection of you inside

Ever saw their history unfold like a scroll you personally walked your ink through

Ever felt like you wish you could extract your data into external hard drive

then gift wrap it and deliver the answers like the Holy Grale of humanity

Cause you already know where their next steps are gonna lead

Have you ever started to speak it into a narrative but stopped cause it would’ve taken far too many hours

and chances are they’ll doubt you, cause you’ve stood in that position on the trip around the game board

and from that point of view, there’s no evidence indicating you speak any truth

So you drop a couple of lines of knowledge and wish them well

Have you ever asked yourself how many times it was you that denied the suggestions offered

moments when you were the rebellious unbelieving student

the intended recipient of wisdom’s presence?

How many lessons have you missed?

Betta check that inbox. You got messages waiting.


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