I see swings and lots of things

That I don’t know really what they are

So everyday we make them into something new…

Like today this playground is a Magic Forest

And I’m a dragon with claws and wings

And my friends are all the animals…

squirrels, deer, rabbits, and lions

They betta run fast

Cause I throw fire.  Raaaahhh!!!


Waaaaiiiiittt … now somebody’s calling Samantha a liar

Cause she said “Squirrels CAN fly.”

But Tyler says, “Uh huh Nooo”

So the rest of us go on to other things…

Like the swings


And grass stains on our pants that

Our moms will fight with tonight

After we’ve closed our sleepy eyes.

But recess will always play back in our minds…

Til next time…


(originally written Mar 13 2012)


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