War: The most likely common denominator in wartime


Humanity is often criticized by “people” (ironically who are also a part of humanity … but anyway) Humanity is often criticized for being incapable of peaceful coexistence. HOWEVER,

there are many periods of peaceful coexistence in many parts of the world. When reading about various conflicts, there was always a period of peace and stability that persisted prior to the outbreak or war, no matter how large or small.

ONE THING keeps coming up in the texts and documents: the exploitation of differences.

While reading the crisply designed book/graphic novel “Safe Area Gorazde: The war in Eastern Bosnia, 1992-1995,” the author wrote about the time he spent in the city Gorazde and the historical reports of the decades before that outbreak of war between the Serbs and Croats.

WWII again plays a role, as it seems to have unstabilized so many regions throughout the world.

Prior to WWII, Serbs and Croats, Christian and Muslim had lived in this region. The Serbs were mostly Muslim and the Croats mostly Christian, both a result of previous empires many years before, but for the most part – coexisting – the typical lives of family and home rural and urban life.

As Nazi Germany and Italy’s fascist leadership were rising to power, the Ustase of Yugoslavia saw an opportunity to take control of their nation, by aligning with one or both of these 2 nation-states.

The Ustase began exploiting the differences between Serbs and Croats, pointing out what was different about them, blaming the Muslim Serbs, labeling them as worthless, and MASSACREING at least 500,000 Muslim Serbs, about 10,000 Jews, and some Romani.

These Orthodox Catholic Croats slaughtered these Muslim, Jewish, and Romani people BY HAND. Most reports say they cut throats, gassed them in vans, burned them alive, even placing bets about who among them could kill the most of them.

THE PURPOSE OF THIS POST is about the methods employed to recruit these Croats, who previously were not violently attacking their neighbors. What could turn them from countrymen of the same homeland to executioners of the same people they had always crossed on the street with greetings or not even noticing their presence?


Just like Hitler’s Nazis, the leaders of the Tutsi against the Hutus, the European enslaving and beating Africans, and the modern day US conservative right wing telling white-Americans to fear Muslim, Mexican immigrants, and their own black and brown countrymen who’ve lived here for centuries.

THE POINT IS: what you see as a difference and an issue existed long before anyone told you to fear it. The only difference now is, you’ve been convinced of an evil element in these people that IS FAKE. It’s not there, any more than in you right now.

Mexican immigrants have come and gone from the US for at least a century, working, living, and causing no more mayhem than any one else.

While white college students riot, destroy property, burn cars and break windows after many college football games, the protestors of Baltimore are called “animals.” Even in the face of the college students complete disregard for the lives of others, the protestors who are angry about the loss of life of unarmed, peaceful civilians, including children, are the ones right-wing propaganda call “animals.”

Muslim Americans who’ve lived here for many years, peacefully, owning businesses, going to school, PEACEFULLY COEXISTING -and now a difference is being exploited, and right-wing propaganda says by virtue of them being Muslim, there’s an issue.

REMEMBER THE COMMUNIST SCARE of the 1950s? Remember how the years thereafter proved how foolish it was? and how it was just as ignorant as the Salem Witch trials?

Any one who is currently blinded by these “differences” instead of the MASSIVE SIMILARITIES is co-signing the creation of an unstable society.

Just like Yugoslavia’s peace was disturbed by the Ustase after WWII, and again after President Tito died in 1992.

HUMANITY IS CAPABLE OF PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE, and could maintain it, if the PEOPLE (masses) would not allow GREEDY leaders to convince them of a problem that IS NOT EVEN THERE.


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