Symbiotically We

They say similar spirits are drawn to each other, and I say yes and no… In nature symbiotic beings are drawn to each other, whether or not they are the “same.” We are drawn together when there is MUTUAL benefit.

I needed you

like water to skin

so I dived in head first and consumed your healing powers

and you dived in to me

we blended spiritual healing energy and walked slowly back to warm sandy surfaces to

reminisce on that union

I need you

every day of my existence I crave the energy of you, the specific way you taste like LIFE, like cinnamon mocha earthen heated tender loving smooth caresses

I know you need me but I cannot define the reasons as I am not inside your soul… until you let me … All I know is I see a sun rising inside your eyes, and something about the way your hand matches mine tells me…. I am the air that bring you closer to center, nearer to the heat of remembering your power

I need you  need me

and that’s enough reason for the universe to give us reasons to collide our energies

and see what brilliant lands of life we can create

We are life lived in love’s lyrical laughter



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