Part 2 Genetic Patois


Can you speak me, interpret, translate, … write me.

Decipher me

like ancient carvings inside some ten thousand year old sarcophagus

Can you accept that I am undefined within these modern times?

I am a physical puzzle so you wanna sample a mixture

like I’m a mixed drink of liquors, a recipe that bar tender keeps locked away

while you’re sitting on warm sandy beaches in some island in the middle of nowhere with a name you can’t pronounce

Swear you’re seeing visions of harem belly dancer girls with hints of jasmine holding your lungs into submission and this hallucination got you dizzying

like salsa and meringue beats vibrating up your thighs to the center of your seeds

shaking vibrating cause you’re on the verge of eruption

Can you… wake the fuck up

and see the spiritual ocean depths hidden inside this physical riddle

or are you perpetually interred within the narcotic reaction your mental is having to my presence?

I aint never had a problem with being called beautiful or rare or beyond the typical. But I can read your depth inside your eyes and physical reactions.

How deep can you dive?


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