Diary of a Curvy Girl: The Curse of the Bra – Episode 2


I think most ladies but perhaps even more so, the Curvy Girls will understand the struggle of finding a BRA that actually FITS !!!

Too tight too lose. Bra straps that constantly stretch out of place, and no one knows if we’re supposed to throw these away every 6 months or after a year, because eventually they are beyond repair as well all know.

Yet, even in the most ideal situation, a perfectly fitted bra, and throwing them out and getting new ones every 6 months, what’s the FIRST THING we want to do when we get home?


Because even the best fit for some reason is totally UNCOMFORTABLE, which has led to a rise in women willing to blast bras as if there’s no reason to wear them in the first place. The idea is to assist the muscles with remaining firm and lifted for more years.

Some have even argued that maybe bras don’t really help at all.

I beg to differ. They do.

There is something to be said about keeping our well endowed chests SUPPORTED. When you’re moving about, these very sensitive parts of our bodies can be hurt if they bump into anything or all that moving around that can happen. Not to mention when exercising!

So yes bras are a benefit BUT ouch! nevertheless.

So this entry of diary of a curvy girl features HEAVEN in a bra that I just discovered at Academy Sports.

BCG sports bras.

Personally the low support style was the perfect fit, and here’s the miracle, it’s actually COMFORTABLE to wear, and keeps a girly shape.

The new generation of sports bras don’t make girl chests looked like men chests. So ladies, we can now get all the comfort of a sports bra with all the sexy shape we want as well.

There are other styles and designs, so go check em out and find what works for you Curvy Girl.

Below is a copy of the tags from the style I like. Sorry to disappoint, but I have no intention on posting a pic of my boobs. LOL.



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