Is your romance in a digital prison?


Let’s break it down:

I met a man exactly a year ago, and I haven’t seen him face-to-face since that first meeting. We had exchanged emails and connected via Facebook, later exchanging numbers. The extent of our communication quickly became a message every 3 or 4 months, in which he’d ask: “How you been?”

After the generic conversation, he’d go ghost again.

So on our “meet-i-versary,” he sends a text asking Why I never message him? So I obliged him with an answer that I think more single men and women need to hear and understand.

I have this habit of being receptive but never pursuing, that is often misunderstood as being uninterested. In other words, when a MAN of QUALITY asks for my time, I’ll say yes. However, I will not pursue. I’ll call once and text once, and then go silent unless HE reaches out to me again.


Well, ladies & gentlemen, would you continue to call or text after one call is not returned? Do you like continuing to call someone that may or may not be interested in you?

So when these same men later ask “Well why didn’t you call? I thought you weren’t interested.” I politely explain my policy is one call and one text. When you fail to reach back out, I am not obligated to reach out again, and neither are you if I do this to you.


If you’re thinking of a certain “him” or “her,” today’s that day: pick up the phone, send a text or call and ASK TO SEE THEM

Break the self-imposed digital prison that’s restricting your romantic experiences from being fully realized.



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