What are we? “Statuses”

1st: I am a spirit.
2nd: I am a human.
3rd: I am a woman.
4th: I am a long list of statuses given to this body: mother, daughter, teacher, friend, sister, granddaughter, POET, artist, ACTIVIST, etc.
5th: within these statuses I’m a long list of adjectives: kind, intelligent, compassionate, spiritual , creative, loving, wise, growing, energetic, determined, etc.
We are a series of layers.
At our foundation
Remember WHO you are… ‪#‎ChildOfGod‬  

I want to quickly expand on this post After I typed it up, then read it over, I realized that within each “layer” we have different needs. But it’s funny how within the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd layer, we have needs for ourselves to be complete and to survive and thrive.
… but in layers 4 and 5, we need to ACT a certain way to maintain those statuses…

so that got me thinking…

if we are taking in all that we need for the 1st 3 layers to be HEALTHY, then we can better complete the ACTIONS needed for the 4th and 5th

TAKE CARE OF YOUR FOUNDATIONAL LAYERS. If you are feeling overwhelmed inside of your statuses in the 4th and 5th layer, it’s telling you there is a need in one or more than one of your first 3 layers.


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