Spiritual Above Physical

I once told someone I was “picky” to which she replied, “But the men you like don’t look the same at all, and don’t dress the same either.” The issue was she thought I was speaking of “physical” when I was speaking “spiritual.”


I once told someone “I remember this day, Aww!” as I looked a picture that was about 5 years old. To which she replied, “But you still look the same now.” The issue was she thought I was speaking of “physical” when I was speaking of “spiritual.” It wasn’t the way I looked, after all I had not changed any. It was the beauty of the moment that image captured that I was attached to.


I once told some folks “I don’t care if my nail polish is chipped for a day or two, when I’m in the midst of all that I accomplish every year” To which he and she replied, “But that makes you look less of a woman.” And I laughed literally out loud.

The power and value of my womanhood is never determined by the temporary appearance of fingernail polish,  or any other short term matter. My womanhood is based upon my habits, my philosophies, the way I treat others, the way I act on a daily basis. My womanhood has been established and is maintained by these long term elements. If you are put off by fingernail polish that can be removed or fixed in a few minutes, then perhaps your understanding of what makes a woman or a man great should be amended.


I once told someone, “I want to show you something but you have to be open to it,” which he thought was a physical thing. What he didn’t understand is, the reason my love is so memorable and has an impact is that it’s NEVER just physical. We are spirits having a physical experience. If we never learn to experience love and passion deeper than physical spasms that last a few seconds, we’ve never really… loved.

And I can’t accept love that never dives in to the deep.

Spiritual Above Physical


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