Who’s the Villain?

You betta be on guard…

their kind is killing several every year…

they don’t have any rhyme or reason to their murderous ways…

packing semi automatics into civilian areas…

they randomly open fire, and it could happen to you…

malls, schools, streets, theaters, churches

… nobody’s safe…

you betta be on guard…

the WHITE MAN is armed

& ready to kill


I obviously don’t want anybody afraid of white men, since I know plenty who are perfectly good people, BUT FOR A SECOND

Maybe you should feel what it’s like to be looked at with suspicion and HATE in the eyes of others in most places that you go… maybe you need to imagine what it’s like to hear YOUR people, your physical design BLASTED as evil… when ALL you really wanna do is just LIVE like any one else. reality is folks… from 2000 to 2015,

white males between the ages of 15 and 45 have committed far more acts of random mass shootings than ANY OTHER group… so WHY do you blame Islam for being something “violent” but ignore the violence committed by Americans as if it’s not caused by “American culture” or “Christianity?”

YOU don’t want to be stereotyped… so stop acting like you’re treatment of Muslim and Black people is anything less than what it is… you’re living HATE and maybe you don’t even realize it

‪#‎BillMaher‬‪#‎Islam‬‪#‎FreeGaza‬‪#‎MikeBrown‬‪#‎EricGarner‬ … BY THE WAY, ZIONISM is hate now. It’s not what it “maybe” used to be


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