He Is Poetry

*originally written & performed in 2010

Dreams kidnap my waking memories

and his air ties me into submission

I listen out for his subtle hints

and simple vibrations of his vocal tones

and inside my fantasies his kisses glide across my memory like feathers

and I paint the sky with my passionate moans

and I wonder if his body misses my breath tingling across his solid formation

that i desire within my divide

yes my desire is rising inside like breath inside a sigh

and i breathe

I breathe to catch my air before I return to reality

because he is my poetry

He slips into my satin sheets

and the language we speak is our personal dialect

when he comes and seduces my mind, body and soul

I release into his control

because there is no fear

our connection is clear

and trust?

well it comes with ease

when every touch and action is created from our spiritual connection

transcends all lovers before

and any who dream of coming later

he is one with me

he is poetry


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