My Wish Is…

My wishes evolve into actions cause passive

is not me

My wish is to show you the brilliance of your spirit power

understand there are no limits

to you

are infinite

And I’m just trying to get you to lift your gaze

See the reality of your wing span


Your wisdom will be the forest and I’ll be the rain

My wish is to wash away debris

saturate your spirit with the force of life so your branches can wind and reach for heaven

You are


We’ve witnessed struggle

But what’s life without the challenges

we adapted and I lead you through like shield deflecting the madness

so that your surface remained

flawless diamond

But what I never realized is

how the adoration of you would heal me

be my renewal like baptism

Infinite is the sparkle of your soul

gentle hugs and waves of laughter

you remind me

that I too am unending

remind me of who I am

remind me of the reasons I have climbed and remained

a force of God’s passion in this existence

You, my infinite love


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