Music Is Her First Language

*originally written in 2011 or 2012

Tip toes almost

but at loudest, she’s stepping lightly

like butterflies resting on flowers

she rests, waiting

taking it all in, until understanding the situation

she takes over the scene

You see, Music is her first language, and poetry is her second

and her passion rages like flames and it is my duty to keep them somewhat abetted

at least partially controlled and then show her how to do the same

because there will come a day

when wisdom’s physical form will sail on

to some other existence

Since time will not allow me to be passive

that means actions is necessary

after all it was me and her father who passed on this explosive force into her small form

she is somewhat like a rookie marine

she is well armed

to defend and build, but just as easily to damage and destroy

Music is her first language and poetry is her second

and I am teaching her that her words can be her greatest weapon

like God in Isaiah slayed evil with the sword of his lips

so too will evil find death inside this angel’s kiss

Yes, I’m well aware of her destiny

because hers is tied to mine

but she must blaze her fire across this place and create her own trails

my only task is to show her how to control what appears uncontrollable

and how to do all the things that others call impossible

Yeah she tip toes

like wise souls always do

treading lightly over the surface of the water

Music is her first language and poetry is her second

Her destiny is not to be questioned

because this light of God

has long been destined


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