When Change Is Good and When It Isn’t

CHANGE? The difference between “striving for success” and “changing your identity.”

We all hear the opposing phrases: “Change for no one” and “You must change if you want to do better.” Both statements are true, but how?

ANSWER: Because there is a HUGE difference between the two types of change. You see, changing something in order to strive for success (researching something, exercising, taking classes, etc) These are all examples of changes you can make with a GOAL in mind.

ON THE OTHER HAND, who you are is something that need not be changed. You’re interests, your way of dress (except when required for a job), your taste in music, etc) are all things that define you. Your beliefs, your passions, etc. These are your core! Never change your core, because that is the foundation of who you are. ..Changing these could throw you off balance, or at the least will weaken you as you try to maintain a facade.

SO IN THE END: Be you at your core, but never fear advancing your skills and knowledge, especially in pursuit of your vision.

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