*inspired by the line “I’m a product of the system I was born to destroy” from the song by Lowkey


This is the story of

The living breathing immortal known as Frankenstein

He is gender-less but for the sake of storytelling

let’s assign a pronoun

He was born by a river Somewhere in Mississippi, Jordan, Congo and Amazon

Grew up on warm bowls of steamy soothing rice

and love

Grew up on faces slammed into red dust made muddy by his own blood

Grew up on AK-47s and greasy McDonald’s fries with some Agent Orange

on the side

Carried over waters in their beaten and battered states

They cut off the rotten flesh and saved what remained

These half-corpse, raging beautiful monsters

They set foot on sands that sting their foreign DNA

The cries of hate’s victims take refuge inside the rain

they hang in the air waiting for the fire to engage

These 3 monsters bound together in a cave

Wounds found cover in the skin of the other

they fused broken forms became one massive force

This Beautiful Monster aching for eruption

E pluribus unum.

“Out of many one.”

A hidden warning, and a call to arms

When the air is still I hear him … breathing

heavy rumble of thunder … steady

The winds his whisper

he is waiting

for descendants

to welcome him home



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