Cautious Angel

(originally written in January 2013, and I don’t recall who this was about because I don’t remember who passed away that would have inspired this in that year)

i heard she kept to herself and

… kept close watch on any who came near…

she spoke vague cause she was a woman

… of privacy… primarily she was an angel…

and knew the enemy was lurking in disguises

.,. So she moved quiet

and her heartbeat learned to do the same,

… she moved like shadows but shined like a star…

she spoke in riddles they claimed

… but this life was never a game …

it was a path she was placed in

… the task she was given and upon completion

she was given the chance to go home

… few understood her when she walked this place

but that was the way she wanted things

… knowing the spaces she visited

would always be somewhat haunted

… by her presence…

just like the hearts of those she touched

… she hoped for a twin and this world

never knew if she found him

… the angel has risen…

and maybe if Buddha was right

… this place might be blessed with her again


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