She Singing Songs

she sings songs

ring tones

ringing his phone

she sings songs

writing wrongs

to right the wrongs

his ding dong

done done

she keeps on

breaking bones

won’t be long

til she breaks the one

that destroyed her home

she sings songs

siren tones

he’s not the one

but he got the right tone

he’s holding on

she not seeing wrong

in her freaking zone

they getting it on

she think she won

til he put the breaks on

and he said

“I aint tryin to lead you on

just want to create a clone

of God’s love for only one

laying kisses on

your spirit’s zone

I’m a call you when the moon is gone.”

she aint singing songs

now that he is gone

she left standing alone

all it took was one

who aint done done

what the other one done

now the light is shone

she putting body cast on

he’s getting his doctor on

healing her down to the bone

now her core is warm

funny how one right

can undo

a world of wrong

now they’re singing songs

of their loving home

all the pain is gone

and two wounded ones

are now perfectly formed

into one song

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