The Elevated Type

Originally written in Jan 2015

He wants to indulge in me for a night, or maybe even a week,
or a few months… saturate his entire being with the sugary syrup of my presence and …
… he wants to dance his body against mine to the rhythm of my moaning’s song … hopes to polish his skin in my waters … see his fantasies take him on poetic journeys
… only … he’s never experienced something beyond the typical. don’t know if he’s never found one of the elevated type before or maybe he just wasn’t able to percieve that presence
… either way…he’s the man willing to take the $1 million dollars today, instead of that one cent that grows to $60 million
… INSTANT gratification is never as amazing as that which takes PATIENCE… imagine the pleasure of experiencing ALL that she is…
… the best of this Earth is always guarded … appreciate that fact


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