Say You Want Love

(originally written in 2012)

Verse 1

Say you want to meet her

But you don’t know if you’ve ever seen her

This lady love more than just a maybe love

You gonna call her your baby love

But the first thing of her

You know not

She might be inside the one you forgot

Or the one sitting next to you

Or the one you are wishing was holding you

You say you want love but still had no intro,

Hello, let’s go, oh no, no words between

You two have flowed

Cause no one ever showed you what this love,

Real love should look like…

Say you want love but too scared

So all you do is fight

Keep away the hurt

No risk no gain so you play it safe

And make a “not so loving type” into your wife

Or you can drop this phobia of love

And find what real, really is like


Verse 2

Who what where is it

Lady Aretha said its in the kiss

But I tell the truth I do not diss

Real love’s much more than this

It’s the treats she plans in advance

If you ever give her a chance

It’s the way you wanna dance

Any time you hear that ring tone

When the 1st message she sends in the A.M.

Is straight to your phone

She smiles just to hear you speak

Hugs like it’s the last time every time you meet

Breathing your air in deep

With each breath

Are you getting the picture yet?

Ms. Lady love is she in your past or present tense

Or maybe you’ve never met.

Said you wanted love,

well… now you’ve been introduced

So the rest of the story is up to you

Hold on and let it grow

Or let go and never know

She could be that real good love

But only if you say so…


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