Scared to

I can see you’re scared to

Not T-double O but singular “o”

although, I can make you double O if you ask me to

back to the poem

I can see you’re scared to

scared to dive in and lay open

in my oceans

scared of losing your way back to the surface

but know this

If you just breathe you’ll see

this love can be your sanctuary

baby no secret sharing

lay it all on me

best wishes only

hard to believe

reflection without a mirror

this direction No script

just move Let it

flow like this

remember the music

when we kissed

I know you’ve never seen

something clear



they teach us fear

of good things

no way to be true

but baby look with your heart

and not your eyes

your lie detector lies inside

Let your soul lead your steps

What comes next

is better than any script

we could write

Don’t wait til you miss

this moment’s yours

the next… is never promised


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