Spiritual Circulation

You ever see beautiful spirits trapped in weakened forms

cause their spiritual arteries clogged

can’t get the oxygen or nourishment to the places it’s needed most

you move like ghost

Present but not able to interact with your surroundings

what are you feeding your system?

high in ch0lesterol reality TV and celebrity gossip

hits the spot when you’ve known no better

I’m on this organic diet so I only take in the highest quality

Once in a while a little junk food is fine

but in time you’ll find You are most definitely what you eat

from the surface to way down deep subconsciously

Spiritual roots devour from surrounding environments

so be careful who and what you allow close proximity

and when exposed to richness of the light

Devour and savor every soothing drop of its essence

cause that reciprocal presence fine tunes the systems

Never shy away from passionate discourse

and listen just as much as you speak

Flexing your spiritual muscles and veins

and when it gets deep and pure like oceans

let it all just soak in

two connecting on similar wavelengths

find no greater elevation

than developing mutual devotion

and the sensual motions


cannot be described with human created vocabulary

it’s something only spirits can comprehend

We were not made to be unequally yoked

one dragging the other will both end up spiritually broke

The key to recognizing spiritual reflection

is trusting spiritual intuition

and dismissing physical phobias and misdirections

past incidents will get you doubting what is abundantly clear

and sincere

What’s the status of your spiritual vision?

20/20 or astigmatism?

Depth perception? peripheral senses?

Can you recognize who lives inside another’s eyes?

Or is your physical in control?

Questions, with answers, that lead to a freedom

unmatched by other exercises

Spiritual Gym memberships at = churches and mosques and such

and we play Sports like = poetry, music, kung fu and more

the spiritual side of your humanity can run whatever you allow it to

When you choose who’s gonna lead you:

the cup or the contents that create life



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