Inside the Beat

God’s children two stepping

beat boxing, climbing and rocking

satans moving

so the fearful ducking and dodging

finding no elevation

cause they hiding

can’t rise when your laying low

the victory is given only to the bold

now you know that saying is old

get your sun tzu on before the world moves on

without you

God’s children finding destiny

inside the beat…


jumping and flying

on the earth and

in the sky and

we taking over

starting here and there

we everywehre


God’s  mission

is all about uplifting

not saying struggles wont happen

but we not sitting

no more napping

or cowards side stepping

our directions where ever he’s leading

it’s cooperation only that we are needing

me and you he and she

its we and they

God’s children found their way

and its destiny


now let marvin sing

just like music… more precious than gold

ive got my music turn on my music

just like music…


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