A Story of Passion

Talent without passion is

a star with no heat

Bright, but no life.

She confessed she had never tasted the sensation

of magnetic flames rushing through veins

Never felt lost spinning motions while standing still

She never remembered any moment where sense was lost

and space stood still in its dance with time

She had never felt


Had seen it, like oil painted across canvas faces

a stony glass empty expression she walked through this world like


She had seen it water-flow through dancing bodies

colliding with the beat They alive

She sought the source of the flame and took their hands,

took them into her kitchen, poured out her secrets

lay bare and empty like cracked egg shells

She invited them into her bed, imagining it was like sun

and the  closer the hotter the fire

bringing him into her and he releasing would bathe her and

saturate her soul

with this element she’d never felt

like blind man seeing purple for the first time


the aftermath of this procedure left her empty still

She confessed openly of her jealousy

at the easy way passion was a part of me

with no trying

She said … she learned passion is like talent

you either have it or you don’t

and I said… maybe you’ve been looking in the wrong direction

the answer is


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