The Secret

(originally written in 2010)

Look into my eyes …
I know the secret
can u see it?
It’is why every step I take…
is made in peace…
once you’ve consumed it
there is no turning back…
liberation is permanent…

Like a train leaving the tracks
It’s gon hurt a bit
but transformation comes quick
Wayne said “I’m a transform ya”
but he’s more like a decepticon
and I’m like the female Optimus Prime

Cause my words are potent medicine
The catalyst of your spiritual evolution
But it aint me
This gift comes from love
and you know God is love
Now soak that in for just a second…

My message comes clear
cause its been baptized in truth
for weary hearts to hear
so let me ask you this
Who’s sick of the fear,
the barely making it through
waking up with anger
eating up all that’s good in you?

I’m ready to enlighten you
but TRUTH doesn’t choose you
you choose it
so come see me when the poem is through
and let the SECRET liberate YOU. 

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