(originally written in 2010 or 2011)

Loving from head to toes… isn’t enough…

You gotta love from body to soul… and beyond even

Cause we never know anything

for certain except what’s before our eyes…


So tell me you’ll love every part of me…

especially the parts that you cannot see

Or tell me nothing at all.. cause if I fall…

I want it to be more like flying,

like birds catching air without even trying….

With matching wing spans, we’ll sore

To heaven I’m hoping

we can find it somewhere past the horizon


and If loving is real, then I want to feel it like water

cleaning dirt from our fingers,

Or cool drops on hot skin in summer,

let love be relief … from loneliness…

Cause even happiness alone isn’t quite as good

as when it becomes a home for two…


So tell me, if love is the only reality,

then are we only dreaming in this half living state… ?

and if love means living then when love ends are we dying?

Guess we really must have multiple lives,

cause I’ve now died two times …

I don’t want to die and rise again, That’s why I’m hiding

lying dormant

let me have just one love that rises so we can carry on inside this…

Can we PLEASE just fly like birds

catching air without even trying…


Cause they say when you know, you just know and


Love’s supposed to be easy… like waking up to a sunrise

and we shouldn’t stop seeking our wing man

til our heart opens its eyes…

only it’s hard to know reality

when this dream state is so vivid.

so then I guess we just keep on  living and learning…

Til someday…

we find ourselves flying…


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