Love Lust Passion Fate Connection

written back in 2010

What’s that factor, the x factor, unknown, like what’s behind the blue blanket of sky during the day

That little something that tip toes inside the corners of your mind, only occasionally peeking its way into the conscious world

Day dreams, fantasies, random thoughts, not so random, maybe more like connected to desire, a power to linger after the parting for days and days at a time, until you find yourself scratching onto paper

These words and patterns of thought, at first seem disorganized, until you take that step back and observe

To see this presence inside ur subconscious has once again created a masterpiece more real than the pen inside your hand

This woman or man that captured ur fascination … just a touch of a similar scent, shadows passing the traces of memories

Masters struggle with the complexity and still they call it the “j’ne sais quois”… I just don’t know what, the unexplainable, x factor, unknown,  like how are stars created from empty space

Some things a human mind can never define… but it’s the only immortal presence… to capture souls across the expanse of our human history…

It’s always the same story… even if some how every plot line is different… the beginning and the end are consistent… X and Y meet and we can only hope that both are under the same spell , hypnotized

By the thoughts of connecting… and persisting for a life time… what is this thing?  It’s that thing…


(this poem was written listening to Ne-Yo’s song “Beautiful Monster” and “One In A Million”)


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