(written a few years ago but never saved, so I’m saving it now)

I see your eyes calling to me

baby come see

but I’m not so sure that you’re my correct location

you see I’ve got this list that

I call my directions

He’s gotta be sexy, determined, and ooh he gotta make me melt

every time he grins

Then you touch the rise between your thighs

and the waters start to drip between mine

and I know if I keep looking in your direction

I will meet my demise

sliding onto your erection

but baby come see, I got protection

You say this as your body is glistening in anticipation

Soooo… I take a look …

back at my directions

Is he creative, passionate, but calm


Is he strong, dedicated to me, and  solid

you better believe


Is he sexy enough to make me leak every time he speaks

Hell yes.

So now you passed my inspection

and I’m ready to make a move

in your direction.

I’m hoping you’ll be the man and take the lead so I can follow your directions

Yea I’m picking up your mental text messages

like we got our personal ESP connection

got me seeing X-rated visions in high definition

But I’m craving a physical connection

so let’s take this to a secluded place and let you explore

my space

You trace one hand and it slides slowly up my thigh

and the other grips on to my side

My door may be locked

but my hands are not gripping on to your key

and we let it slide slowly inside

the push of you is dividing me

and the divide of me is devouring you

I’m falling head first into ecstasy

and now not a damn thing makes sense

My vision is hazy with intoxication

I’m getting high on your motions

My mind goes blank as our bodies collide

I’m feeling you slip and slide

the pressure grows as do you

and I’m loving the way my body shakes

and the quiet moans you make

It’s feeling good now

don’t stop

I’m gonna do you like Janet and make your body scream my name

til the walls start shaking with passion spasms

these seismic reactions

and then you bathe me in your waters

Now we’re laying like stranded earth quake victims

and I’m catching aftershocks as I start to walk

Nah man, my mind’s too gone to talk

got me mumbling in some other language like

mmm uuhhh yea oh

I’ve only got one question

Can we do it again?


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