Once Upon a Time


Once upon a time

Journalists and news anchors didn’t vomit their opinions on to every story and call it “news” and “facts”

Old folks didn’t sit in front of TV for hours being fed fear for breakfast, lunch and dinner

weren’t sang to sleep by Faux conspiracy theories telling them they’re only hope was falling down to their surgically implanted knees

cause all was going to hell in their grocery baskets

Once upon a time

people decided to be afraid or calm based on daily experiences

Now the news got folks talking about Armageddon while sipping their morning coffee on front porches, with steady income flowing in, and kids in designer clothing

but yea, their blood pressure readings screaming they on the verge of falling on land mines, assassinated by drones, or force feeding themselves with rotten flesh and mushy rice meal

while the child really living that drama … is drowning in his own tears, staring at the body of his lifeless mama

Once upon a time

People knew how to use logic when hearing someone speak

Now some walking around thinking Einstein spoke about cellphones created decades after his death and think Jesse Ventura is an authority on conspiracy

think that O’Reilly and Beck are the only source of facts these days

if the weatherman says “tornado warning” and outside is all sunshine and flowers

why the hell you hiding in your bathroom closet?

The real demons are the ones lying on your screen

while unarmed, civilians are falling victim to police guns

but mass shooters are paraded still breathing in handcuffs

when 95% of convictions had no evidence to support them and the system is built on this deception

so they can keep taking your funding

under the illusion that it’s for your protection

That’s called misdirection, oldest trick of magician’s

Once upon a time

there was a difference between news and magic shows



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